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The founders of World of Maps met during their travels across Europe and Asia in the 1970's and their love of travel and maps continues to inspire them today.

Travel books and maps have always played a role in their lives; for planning & display or to take as reference materials on their journeys. Travel literature and books related to places, history, and exploration are what they enjoy reading as individuals and offering for sale via the business. 

As travelers and residents in different countries themselves, they know how important a map, flag or good travel guide book is for those traveling to or living in a different culture.

The business started in Ottawa in 1994 as an oasis for travelers, a place to share stories, to prepare, to plan, to educate and to be inspired.

The World of Maps e-commerce activities are available through 3 different but linked websites. This website is the best place to search for books and maps that have standard ISBN numbers. The "Create Your Own Custom Map" website is where you can generate your own Custom wall maps that we print out for you Click here:
and the main World of Maps website is here:

Enjoy your explorations at World of Maps!